Laser Particle Size Analyzer For 30 Years

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        Nano-Particle Size Analyzer

        DLS Nanometer particle size analyzer is mainly used to measure nanometer particle size distribution, application is emulsion,suspension and powders. Winner802 nanometer particle size analyzer is upgrade from winner801 nanometer paraticle size analyzer, which is the 1st nanometer particle size analyzer in China, most stable performance for now.

        Spray Particle Size Analyzer

        droplet laser particle size analyzer is  used to measure particle size distribution of droplet,spray and atomizer, Winner319 is a specially designed and developed bench-top spray laser particle size analyzer for droplet size test. This instrument adopts Fraunhofer of scalar diffraction principle and parallel light path design with high-performance and high-power laser, lifetime>25000hours, which can meet the requirements of droplet test. And the test range can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirement.

        Image Particle Shape and Size Analyzer

         Winner99E is a special image particle size analyzer for particle size distribution and particle shape analysis. The instrument through well-designed professional-grade optical microscope and camera to obtain particles information; using a computer image analysis technology to analyze and process, thereby determining the particle size distribution and particle morphology. The instrument is easy to operate, the image is clear, intuitive measurement resolution is up to 0.1 micron / pixel, wide measuring particle size range etc. outstanding features, It can be widely used in new product research and development, technology control and quality inspection of universities, research institutes and enterprises.use patent technology-winner particle size analysis software  

        Online particle size monitor

        Powder production online particle size analyzer system is a necessary installation which improve product quality, reduce power consumption, increase production and improve the production automatic level,It could use to test particle size distribution of coal powders and other powders' particle size distribution.   This product uses the MIE scattering theory, could real-time monitor  particle size distribution of flow materials , and provides a variety of data granularity for customers, it is a reliable assistant for energy conservation.

        Related Accessories

        related accessories is including particle cuvette, used to test particle size distribution


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