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Published more than 60 papers about particle size analysis technology around the world, including income Engineering Index (EI) which is more than 20 research papers


Professional R & D Team, Leading manufacturer of laser particle size analyzer in China, Many 1st creation of particle size analysis in China. 1st set of laser particle size analyzer, 1st integrated laser diffraction particle size analyzer, 1st dry laser particle size analyzer, 1st dynamic particle image analyzer, first use of digital correlator in optical nano particle size analyzer, 1st set of intelligent dry and wet  wide size range intelligent laser particle size analyzer, 1st portable laser particle size instrument, 1st spray particle size analyzer and 1st set of inline particle size analyzer 


High-tech enterprises, software enterprises, China science and technology exposition, Shandong materials industry enterprises, 75 national key project of science and technology, Shandong 85 key projects of science and technology, Shandong 95 key projects of science and technology, “ JL9300 powder laser particle size analyzer ” responsible person, the State Education Commission instrument research project “ YP750 spatial spectrum demonstration instrument  responsible person"

The full range of MIE scattering theory application in the laser particle size analyzer, MIE scattering theory is the highest theoretical basis and measurement and calculation method for micron and sub-micron particles, suitable for any large and small particles of the test, and taking into account of the small particles have absorption effect to the laser, and the problem of the refractive index. 
Fraunhofer diffraction theory have not concerned with absorption of small particles of the laser, it is suitable for large particles test.
The combination of the two theories is difficult to establish, therefore, whether the full range of MIE scattering theory is an important indicator of the advancement of laser particle sizer and detecting small particles.

With the original unconstrained free fitting inversion patent technique, more realistic particle size distribution can be obtained, such as free distribution, R-R distribution and so on. Unconstrained fitting inversion technique with automatic resolution of multiple peak particle swarm, without restriction of any functions, the analysis results entirely depend on the distribution of the scattering spectrum, maximize the fitting precision for all samples, truly reflect the distribution state of all the samples. There are twelve levels of granularity below 2um with high Physical resolution. The general inversion software test uses the function simulation calculation, not the real measurement value, result in the testing performance of laser particle size analyzer will greatly reduced.

Using convergent light Fourier transform patent technology, make the large angle scattering light not be restricted by Fourier lens aperture, effectively improve the laser particle size analyzer resolution, change measuring range without replace lens . Sealed stable light path, good dust-proof performance.
He-Ne Laser, Power≥2mW, wavelength :632.8nm
Good monochromaticity, Short wavelength, Narrow linewidth,  frequency-stabilized
Full scale test, Gear-shift test & Customized service 
Gear shift-laser particle size analyzer is with 2-3 gears, and there is a cross between the gears, It is not a sectional test. The user can select the appropriate gear according to the sample size. The advantage of Gear-shift is that a smaller measuring range can use the entire detection unit, and the testing accuracy is much higher than similar products of other factories.

Liquid particle size analyzer adopt integral structure design, built-in dispersed system includes ultrasonic vibration, mechanical agitation and electromagnetic pump cycle. The dispersion system make particles be always suspended in the pipeline, adjustable ultrasonic time, ultrasonic dispersion and particle test can be carried out simultaneously, avoid sample 2rd reunion after good ultrasonic dispersion, Shortening pipeline, easy and good dispersion, avoid large particles 2rd precipitation in the pipeline, after one measurement, the circulation system will return samples to the sample bucket for dispersion again, then could repeat test for get the stable data. For dry laser particle size analyzer, Dry dispersion system are composed of fully sealed sample cuvette patent and unique turbulent dispersion method, ensure the powders sampling will be fully dispersed...


 35 YEARS Focus On Laser Particle Size Analyzer Research & Development!  Credibility & Integrity!  

  • Free installation debugging.
  • Free training 1-2 testers.
  • 4 Hours Response
  • 1 years warranty, lifetime maintenance
  • 24 Hours Offer Solution 
  • Software lifetime free upgrade.
  • Instrument average service life above 8 years
  • Quartz sample cell which has the advantages of wear resistance and no wearing parts
Peking University
Tsinghua University
Beijing Normal University
Beijing Jiaotong University
China University of Petroleum (3 units)
China Agricultural University
Beihang University
Ocean University of China (2 units)
Hebei University of Engineering (2 units)
Tianjin University
Northwest University For Nationalities (2 units)
Zhejiang University
Southeast University
Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (2 units)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (4 units)
East China University of Science and Technology
Hubei University
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Yunnan University
Huaqiao University
Jimei University (2 units)
China University of Mining and Technology
Jilin University (2 units)
Northeastern University
Xi'an Jiao Tong University (2 units)
Shandong Agricultural University
shandong jianzhu university
Shandong University of Science and Technology (2 units)
Shandong University of Technology (3 units)
Institute of metal research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chengdu branch of Jiaxing center of Chinese Academy of Sciences
China Building Materials Science Research Institute
China Academy of water resources and Hydropower Research
China Academy of Building Materials Science
Institute of geographical names, Ministry of Civil Affairs
Printed Research Institute of the people's Bank of China
AVIC one, Beijing Institute of Aerial Materials
Beijing Aerospace Science and engineering division four
Beijing satellite manufacturing plant
The 63976 forces of the Beijing Research Institute of chemical defense
Beijing Forestry Machinery Research Institute of the State Forestry Administration
Mineral Research Institute of Beijing mining and Metallurgy Research Institute
Beijing Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center

Blasting Technology Research Institute of Coal Science Research Institute
Beijing Orient Petroleum
North China Petroleum Administration Bureau
CNOOC Tianjin Dagang Oilfield (4 units)
Shandong Shengli Oilfield (4 units)
Zhongyuan Oilfield
China Oilfield Service Limited by Share Ltd
Design Institute of Xinjiang Petroleum Bureau
Tianjin Institute of desalination and comprehensive utilization of State Oceanic Administration
National Silicon Steel Engineering Research Center
Lanzhou Earthquake Research Institute, China Earthquake Administration
dalian shide group


Otsuka pharmacy

Japan  Osram lighting

Germany  Graphit Kropfmühl AG. Germany

Sri Thai Silp industry


Modern for chemical Industry

Egypt  AREXIM, S.A.

Costa Rica  Nippon Powder Coating Co., Ltd.(3 sets)

PPG Powder Coating Co., Ltd,Japan

Vietnam Lin Tong and the Alumina Ltd Laboratory

Viridis Chemicals Pvt. Ltd,India


Gru Energy Lab,USA

Mundipharma. India

Viridis Chemicals Pvt. Ltd,India

School of Art& Science National University,Mongolia

Alumina Partners Of Jamica

JSC KAUSTIK,Russian Federation

New Wave Industries PLC

Ethiopia  Institute of chemical industry of forest products

Chinese Academy of forestry

Dongfeng Motor Company



Winner specializing in laser particle size analyzer for more than 30 years, get more than 30 patented technology.
Since the successful development of China's first laser particle size analyzer,
Winner have created more than 10 first particle size analysis technology in China!
Winner is reputed as the leading brand of the industry- particle testing technology leader of China, be China particle test the first stock!
The main products are laser particle size analyzer, DLS nano particle size analyzer, spray laser particle size analyzer, Image particle analyzer,Inline particle size analyzer and other series, representing the highest level in the industry of China!
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