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Image Particle Size Analyzer Application in Toner 
Toner (TONER) is the main supplies for xerographic copiers and laser printers and other electrophotographic development process . It made of resin, pigments, additives and other ingredients. Its processing and preparation relates to the content of ultra-fine processing, chemicals, composites and other single subject, and is recognized as the world's high-tech products. 
Problems commonly encountered supplies industry
There are many factors and machine parameters that affect the final print quality, which also includes the toner itself. 
Reasons include:
1, to prevent impurity contamination toner, toner for electrostatic development process requirements, carbon powder mixed with impurities will directly damage the photocopy product quality. 
2, The collision and friction of the toner particles between particles and particle between the wall will produce strong electrostatic effect, the heavy electrostatic phenomenon will affect the safe operation , even more serious consequences, so should consider the necessary anti-static measures. 
3, the toner adhere and accumulate the wall, long-term accumulation will affect the normal operation, and even lead to obstruction and narrow passages,need have the necessary clean-up measures. 
4, toner is mainly composed of organic matter, there is a possibility of dust explosion, so need take care of it..
Supplies industry demand for grain size control
For high-quality electrostatic image development, we must strictly control the various forces acting on the toner particles. These forces are in fact mainly static electricity or electric power, they are affected by the shape of the toner particles.
Conventional dry toner production methods are: raw material mixing, fine grinding, grading, mixing an external additive. Commercial products in the particle size distribution, there are strict standards, requiring them to remove fine powder. Traditionally produced toner has some disadvantages, such as the existence of 
significant non-uniformity in particle shape and charge to mass ratio. 
Except for above aspects, other characteristics unevenness will bring all kinds of problems to each step of printing process. Particle shape have a significant effect on the toner transfer efficiency, developing performance and cleaning performance.
      The main factors influencing the formation of the image is static electricity and electric power, and the effect size is determined by the method of preparing toner. Preparation methods and conditions effect on the final shape of the toner particle size, particle size distribution, the average charge amount and charge distribution. The key technology is to increase the toner uniformity on the basis of a more narrow particle size distribution and the charge distribution, to produce a more uniform and fine particle toner.  Shape factor close to 100,Perfectly round toner particles, the transfer rate is very high, nearly exceed 99%. This means a high level of quality output and low cost printing solutions
Considering above reasons, It’s most important to choose proper particle size analyzer for toner powders, Image/microscope particle size analyzer is highly recommended.
Model: Winner99E microscope particle shape analyzer 
Principle: Image acquisition system and analysis software
Size Range: 1-6000 micrometer
Max resolution:2048*1536
Analysis parameters: Particle size, sphericity, aspect ratio, a huge rate, the rate of surface
 Not only can visually observe the morphology of the samples was measured, roundness factor is also showed by data, give the points to products performance, Manufacturers can choose different particle size measurement solutions according to their production needs, to improve production supervision and product quality.
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