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JINAN WINNER PARTICLE INSTRUMENT STOCK CO., LTD. have been specialized in laser particle size analyzer since 1985, Our General Manger, Professor Ren created 1st of laser paraticle size analyzer in Jinan University,  We are specialized in Laser DiffractionParticle Size Analyzer, Dynamic Light Scattering Nanometer Particle Size Analyzer,Image Particle Size Analyzer, OnlineParticle Size Analyzer,Droplet Particle Size Analyzer and Particle Counter etc.


We has the industry's most powerful R & D team of 10 software engineers, mechanical engineers 15,and has the most

efficient production team, we can also meet customized requirement of customers production and research. we have 

passed the CE certification, ISO9001 quality system certification,also the FDA certification. our product has a good

reputation and quality in the market.A well established sales network and an after sales service system have built a

strong reputation for us in China among high profile customers. Our goal is to become a pioneer in Particle Size

Analyzer industry, if you are interested in our products, please contact us and we will provide you with the best quality

products and the best service!


Creation of China 1st:
        1st  Circulation Wet Particle Analyzer                                              1984
        1st  Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer                                      1987
        1st  Online-Particle Size Analyzer                                                    1990
        1st  Portable Particle Size Analyzer                                                 1992
        1st  Dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer                                               1998
        1st  Dynamic Particle Image Analyzer                                               2007
        1st  DLS Nanometer Particle Size Analyzer                                       2008
        1st  Digital Correlator Patent                                                             2008
        1st  Wide Size Range Laser Particle Size Anal                                  2009
        1st  Joint-Stock Company of China Particle Size Analyzer                  2014
        1st  Online-Particle Size Monitor                                                       2014





1985  Prof. Zhongjing Ren directed a research project: the development of on-line cement particle analyzers, and that year this project was put into the list of the Seventh China’s Seventh Five-year-research-plan.
1990  The on-line cement particle analyzers passed the acceptance exam of China’s Seventh Five-year-research-plan The comments were ‘the pioneer of the art in China’ and ‘one of the most advanced technologies of this age’.
1993  The on-line cement particle analyzer won the gold medal at the First China’s Technology Expo.
1994  Took on a project of the Shandong province’s Eighth Five-year-research-plan which led to JL 9200 portable laser particle size analyzer, and had it patented.
1995  JL 9200 portable laser particle size analyzer was put into the list of ‘China’s most important new product’.
1996  Took on China’s Ninth Five-year-research-plan which led to JL 9300 laser dry-particle size analyzer. This invention won the third-grade ‘Award for Science & Tech. Progression in Shandong Province’.
2000  Jinan Winner Particle Technology Co. Ltd formally established.
2002  Winner laser particle size analyzer, Winner 2000, was approved by China’s Standard Material Research Center.
2003  Winner 2000 obtained the new product certificate of metrological instruments from Shandong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
2004  Winner Company obtains CMC certification.
2005  Moved to Jinan’s high and new technology industrial development zone.
2006  Approved as ‘Jinan’s High and New Technology Enterprise’
2007  Obtained ISO90001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification.
2007.  Developed China’s first dynamic image particle size analyzer and passed the acceptance exam by Jinan Science Bureau. The comments were ‘the pioneer of the art in China’ and ‘one of the most advanced technologies in the world’.
2008   Developed CR128 digital correlator.
2009   Developed China’s first light correlation nano particle size analyzer
2008   Approved as ‘China’s High and New Technology Enterprise’
2010.  Now Winner is ten years old, and it became a joint stock Company.

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