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Laser Particle Size Analyzer Basics Information

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Number of visits: Date:2016-07-22
Laser Particle Size Analyzer, which is specifically used to analyze the particle size distribution of materials, The instrument is designed by Particle’s diffraction or scattered light distribution (scattering spectroscopy). 
According to spectrum stability, It will be separated into static light scattering particle size analyzer and dynamic light scattering particle size analyzer.
1,Static light scattering laser particle size analyzer
Spectrum is stable space distribution,Mainly applied to micron-sized particles of the test, after improvement, measurement
limit may also be extended to several tens of nanometers, for example winner2309 dry wet intelligent Laser particle size analyzer
2,The principle of dynamic light scattering Particle Size Analyzer
According to Brownian motion of particles speed, Analyze nanometer particle size by detecting dynamic light scattering
signal of some one or two scattering angle, spectrum is changing at high speed over time. The principle of dynamic light
scattering particle size analyzer is only for testing nanoscale particles, for example, winner802 nanometer particle size analyzer
3,How to get scattering light energy spectrum distribution of particles?
Laser particle size analyzer adopt MIE scattering theory, special instruments to measure the particle size distribution by
detected the particle scattering spectrum.

As photo shows:



4.  Why scattering / laser diffraction particle size analyzer must use a laser as a light source?
Laser particle size analyzer by detecting particles scattering spectroscopy to analyze the particle size and distribution,
and thus the availability of clear scattering spectroscopy is critical, laser is a collimated, monochromatic good source,
only the use of laser obtain the clear scattering spectra distribution in scattering / diffraction particle size instrument.
Light mixed with a plurality of wavelengths is impossible to obtain a clear scattering spectroscopy , only to get a variety
of scattering spectra superimposed, and therefore can not be used for particle size analyzer.
Semiconductor laser,  Therefore, Winner choose gas laser as the measuring light source
5, Compared to other methods, What are the advantages of laser particle size analyzer?
Laser particle size analyzer light path is actually a two-dimensional Fourier transformer,
it has many features of Fourier transform: the scattering information of all particles are parallel transmission speed of light to reach the photodetector,  and therefore speed is very fast.
The detector can do very narrow about several micrometers, and therefore very high resolution.
The test particle scattering process is not disturbed by human factors, and therefore repeatability is very good.
According to the translation invariance of the Fourier transform, the particles in the sample cell the movement        
speed will not affect the spectral distribution of the particles and therefore suitable for Dynamic test, 
other test methods can't match, which became the online test particle theory.

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