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Ceramic testing

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Number of visits: Date:2014-08-01

 From view of the appearance, color glaze is a powder,  which particle size distribution directly affect its coloration characteristics and coloring strength, must be strictly controlled and measured accurately.

The earliest devices used to measure the particle size is a standard sieve, but it can only measure sieve margin of one or several particle size, particle size distribution can’t be given details; And then use sedimentation particle size analyzer to measure particle size,, although it can measure particle size distribution in detail, but the operation is more complicated, poor reproducibility, a narrow range. The latest method is laser particle size analyzer. Because of its wide measuring size range, good repeatability, fast test speed, easy to operate and other significant advantages, is very suitable for use color glaze industry.
Laser particle size analyzer problem encountered in industrial applications.
Laser particle size analyzer application of technological advancement clearly have a positive effect on colored glaze industry. In the promotion process, also meet some problems, mainly in two aspects:
1, Comparing the results of traditional sieve method
Color glaze industry traditionally detect the product size by sieving, Although the process is relatively backward, but It is widely recognized by the entire industry . Therefore, some users using a laser particle size analyzer at a firs time always compare cumulative value of particle size analyzer to particle percent through the sieve on some particle diameter, requires that both result are consistent. 
Intuitively that this comparison is granted. However, particle size measurement is completely different general physical and chemical measurements, 
The 2 different principle particle size measurement methods,
test results should be inconsistent, It will be abnormal If consistent, It will be through artificial adjusted.
Effected by traditional concept, the thinking habits or the constrain of  traditional production process,sometimes,the user will do not understand that these differences or urge equipment suppliers to modify the results of laser particle size analyzer to make it consistent with the traditional results. Since the laser particle size analyzer using a computer to operate, such a modification is not difficult. The problem is that the test results is distortion after the modification. It is the best to allow users to gradually accept the results of laser particle size analyzer as standard, We all know that laser particle size analyzer is already a very mature instrument,and also much more advanced than the sieve method.
2, The magnitude comparison between the different laser particle size analyzer
Sometimes users will find the test results of different laser particle size analyzer are different.  Reason for this phenomenon are, optical structure,data analysis software, instrument work-conditions drift and the result of  human modification(for example, to contrast with sieve results) and so on. 
An effective solution to this problem is the preparation of samples suitable for the industry standard for calibration of all instruments. This requires the cooperation and efforts of the entire industry.

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