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Winner Laser Particle Size Analyzer compare to Malvern Particle Size Analyzer

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Date:2016-08-30
Winner Particle Instrument Stock Co., Ltd. have been specialized in particle size analyzer since 1985,  which is the biggest manufacturer of particle size analyzer,and created the 1st particle size analyzer of China in 1994. we are known well as the stable and mature particle size analysis technology in China, we have been taken several National project for China govenment.
Compared to other brands in China, e.g. Topselling model Winner2000ZDE Features are as below:
1) Laser diffraction principle, same to malvern
2)Unique converging Fourier transform light path
3) Three dimension alignment light path system
4) Imported He-Ne Laser ensure stable light path, and used life > 25000 hous.
5) Built-in ultrasonic dispersion and scientific circuatlion pipe design, shorting the circulation line,prevent large particles precipitation
6) Unconstrained free fitting technology, which is most advanced technology in China, because this method makes no assumptions on the particles before test, directly and accurately calculate the particle size distribution by light intensity.
Other factories use constrained fitting technology, before calculation, assumed that particles size distribution is belong to some Distribution Model, then use this model to test, make a little bigger test error.

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