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How use laser particle size analyzer to test particle size distribution of cosmetics?

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Date:2016-11-14
Effect of particle size distribution of cosmetics
Cosmetics are usually powdered or emulsion products. The quality and properties of the particles are affected by particle size, particle shape, emulsion stability and composition changes. According to the regulations in cosmetics raw materials is increasing, especially the safety and size related components, such as antiperspirant agents, hair gel, toothpaste, facial care products, nail polish, moisturizing agent, in all of these products, the size is a key index of final product attributes.
In the spray make-up products, in addition to the sweat agent and hair gel is a typical example. If you can not block the pores of the skin, it can not be blocked by the pores on the skin, it can not play to prevent the effect of sweating. Hair gel retention (hardness) directly depends on the size of hair gel gel generated in the tank. And the size of the hair gel can not be too small, or hair gel will be inhaled by the user in the body, resulting in harm.
The color density of common facial care products is influenced by the type of pigment and the size distribution of the pigment. By changing the particle size distribution, we can get a different degree of gloss or frost effect: a wide particle size distribution can obtain a greater effect of the cream. Bleeding or flocculation effect is affected by the number of feather fine particles in the product, it also affects the adhesion of products. Formulated eye shadow, you need to make the product with a durable, good eye shadow cream is uniform, small size. Strict control of the size of the matrix can help the designer to achieve a better product effect. The particle size measurement of cosmetic powder and emulsion can be realized by the laser particle size analyzer.  
Winner2308 full automatic laser particle size analyzer adopt MIE scattering principle, and with wet and dry 2 sampling dispersion system, the laser particle size analyzer has the advantage of simple,fast operation, high precision in the size testing, therefore it’s widely used in cosmetic industry.

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