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How to choose laser particle size analyzer for coal water slurry

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Date:2014-11-01
 Laser particle size analyzer,Nanometer particle size analyzer
1,Coal water slurry and its particle size distribution
Coal water slurry, as a kind of clean oil, has the advantages of high concentration, fine particle size, high fluidity, high combustion efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, and so on. It has been widely used in industrial boiler and power plant boilers and industrial furnaces. In addition to the large power plants, combustion equipment steel, refining and other enterprises, more and more small and medium sized boiler (20 tons) also started burning water coal slurry. Considering the energy structure of our country and the situation of our country, The government is to encourage coal water slurry industry development, Therefore, the production and marketing prospect of coal water slurry is very broad.
2, About the size of the coal water slurry test, there are three questions must be solved as below:
1) High concentration. In the coal water slurry, the proportion of coal is 65%-70%, the proportion of water is 35%-30%, and there is a small amount of additives. Because of the larger proportion of coal, is a viscous state, and laser particle size analyzer required testing process in low concentration (less than 0.5%), so circulation system of laser particle sizer need have large volume and convenient inlet and discharge function, ensure the test sample concentration control in a reasonable range in order to make the test to be carried out smoothly.
2) Broad size range. At present, the average particle size of the coal water slurry is about 50um, the smallest particle size is 1um, the maximum particle size is 600um. means the size of coal water slurry is in the range of 1-600um. In such a wide range of particle size, In order to get accurate results of particle size distribution, firstly, size range requirement of Laser Particle Sizer is larger than that of coal water slurry; secondly, the photoelectric detector should be with high sensitivity and stability. the particle size analyzer with these 2 items could ensure the repeatability and accuracy of particle size testing.
3) Strong light absorption of coat water slurry particles. Coal water slurry particle is black, particle shape is very complex, with strong absorption property of laser scattering, but the effective signal light is relatively weak, so need laser equipped with large power and high brightness, to increase the effective signal and improve the signal-to-noise ratio/
4) the need for precision automatic adjustment system and long life of the laser. Laser particle size analyzer is a kind of precision optical instrument. Because of the coal water slurry is continuously carried out in the process of production and use, size of the test as a means of quality control needs with a continuous production process, so we must improve the automation level, improve equipment utilization, reduce manual adjustment and maintenance time, reduce the rate of equipment failure.
3,Basic characteristics of special laser particle size analyzer for coal water slurry
Test principle: the new instrument based on the classical MIE scattering principle, convergent Fourier transform patented technology and free fitting data processing technology, with spectrum amplification technology, which in the limited space to broaden the test scope.
Full automatic operation and calibration: the use of the process, as long as the characteristics of the sample set testing conditions, dispersion, testing, flushing and a series of operation process can be completed automatically, and obtain accurate and reliable test results. In addition, the use of three-dimensional system for regulating photoelectric detector, in order to avoid tedious manual debugging brought at the same time, may at any time calibration of the optical system, ensure the accuracy of, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the accuracy of test results and stability.
Effective Dispersion: in the circulatory system with conventional ultrasound and stirring device, also for the wide distribution of samples and the proportion of larger particles, specially equipped with large flow pump, to prevent the phenomenon of inaccurate test results due to large particle loss. Therefore, the instrument has wide applicability in different powder industry.
Authorized Standard Test: using a variety of micron, sub micron and nanometer size of national standard material to calibrate laser particle size analyzer, thus ensuring the entire measuring range within the true and accurate test results.
According to coat water slurry particle size distribution requirement, we designed winner2005B laser particle size analyzer, measurement range is 0.1-1000um, full automatic operation, accuracy is <1%, repeatability<1%, offer precise and stable data for industries customers. 

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