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Malvern Particle Size Analyzer VS Winner2308A Intelligent Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Date:2017-04-06
Compare to malvern3000 particle size analyzer, Winner2308A Intelligent Laser Particle Size Analyzer Features as below:
Same points:
1)Adopt same working principle, MIE scattering principle, 
2) Two same dispersion system.(Liquid and Dry dispersion system) 
3) Full automatic computer control
4) Same light path design-Convergent Light Fourier transform optical path
Different points:
1) Different measuring range, Winner2308A dry dispersion 0.1um-2000um, Liquid dispersion:0.01um-2000um.
Malvern3000 is 0.01um-3500um.
2) Malvern liquid system is separated to feeder and sample tank,  Winner2308A liquid dispersion system is built-in instrument, integrated with ultrasonic dispersion, agitator,circulation, preventing large particle precipitation in the circulation pipeline, ensure all the particles size distribution.
3) Different Analysis software, Winner use own-developed patent- Unconstrained free fitting analysis software could truly reflect particle size distribution.
In Sum, Winner laser particle size analyzer test result is nearly to Malvern laser particle size analyzer.
Winner advantage:
1) Winner is the leading and largest manufacturer of laser particle size analyzer in China, specialized in PSA since 1985, 
ensure offering laser particle size analyzer, Good quality with stable performance.
2) After winner produced laser particle size analyzer, greatly decreased foreign brand PSA market unit price in China, our sale price is lower than foreign brand.
3) TWO years after sale service, offer free spare parts within 2 years, technology support in all a life.
4) Long life time, for now, the regular customer use our instrument for 15 years, so we could ensure PSA unit life time is 7-8 years.
Winner2308A Laser particle size analyzer patent technology:
  1. Optical bench design is protected by patent No.- ZL 2014 2 0378380.8, 
  2. Three dimensional-optical bench alignment system is protected by patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0835882.4.
  3. MIE scattering principle application patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0812021.4.
  4. Dry particle size analyzer full sealed sample cuvette application is protected by patent No.- ZL.2011 2 0267646.8.
  5. Dual laser beam orthogonal application is protected by patent No.-ZL 2007 2 0025702.0
  6. Powder dispersion pump design application is protected by patent No.-ZL 2007 2 0018648.7
  7. Wet circulation installation is protected by patent No.-ZL2010 2 0593526.2
Winner2308 intelligent laser particle size analyzer widely used in cement, ceramics, medicines, lotions, paints, dyes, pigments, fillers, chemicals, catalysts, drilling mud, abrasives, lubricants, coal, sediment, dust, cells, bacteria, food additives, pesticides, explosives, graphite, photographic materials, fuel, ink, metal and non-metal powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin, coal slurry and other powdered materials.

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