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  • Products Name: Winner 2005A Intelligent Abroad Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer
  • Products Number: 2005A
  • Add Time: 2011-02-14
  • Views : 16046

Winner2005A is intelligent particle sizer which is professional designed for industry customers, The use of advanced MIE scattering measurement principle ,calculation mode of exclusive patent,authoritative calibration method (certified reference materials D50) and Two laser orthogonal beam patent technology makes the instrument has accurate test result, the test has good repeatability and high resolution advantages, is the best choice for wide distribution of particle size test.

  Main Specifications:


Model Name





MIE scattering theory

Size range


Detector Channels

77 pcs

Accuracy error

<1%   (Deviation of  D50 on national standard sample)

Repeatability error

<1%   (Deviation of  D50 on national standard sample)


He-Ne Laser  λ= 632.8nm,  p>2mW

Auxiliary Laser: semiconductor λ= 650nm,p>2mW

life time>25000 hour

Wet dispersion


Frequency:40KHz   Power:35W,   Time: ≥1S


Revolutions Speed: 0-3000RPM (Adjustable)


Rated Flow:8L/min    Rated Power:10W

Sample pool

Volume: 350mL

Operation mode

Manual and Full automatic, 2 mode, freely choose

Optical alignment system

Full automatic optical path alignment system

Software function

Analysis mode

Free Distribution, R-R Distribution, Logarithm Normal Distribution, Mesh number classification etc.

Statistic Method

Volume Distribution, Quantity Distribution


Statistic Comparison

Several Testing Results of samples

Different batches of samples testing result,

Samples before and after processing,

Test result of samples in different time.


User-defined Analysis

Figure out percentage according to the particle size

Figure out particle size according to the percentage

Figure out percentage according to the particle size range

Meet demands of representation of particle test in different industries

Test Report

Word, Excel,Photo( Bmp), Text etc

Multiple-language Support

Multiple language Support

Intelligent operation

 Automatically control water inflow, dispersion,test and analysis.Better Repeatability after remove human-factor

Testing speed


Outer dimension


Net weight



Main Features:


1)Unique Converging Light Fourier Transform Light Path patent technology, For better to test sub-micron particles, Adopt orthogonal double laser beam patented technology, measure range expanded from 0.01μm-780μm.      


2)Intelligent operation mode realize one key test, automatically supply-water,ultrasonic dispersion, circulate and drain off water, so it not only could decrease workload, but also get better repeatability after remove human-factors errors.


3) Automatic optical light alignment system is composed of precise four phase hybrid stepper motor, Its inching precision is reach to micron level,make light path be always in a good state.


4)Liquid sample dispersion/preparation system: Full built-in setting mechanical stirring, ultrasonic dispersion, and circulation path in one, Big power-circulating pump and Optimization design of pipeline,effectively prevent large particle sediment.


5)Software support: Original patent unconstrained free fitting technology make particle analysis not be restricted by any functions, truly reflect particles distribution.


6) Output parameters:(D50, D03, D06, D10, D16, D25, D75, D84, D90, D97,D98,set any value, S/V, D[3,2],D[4,3] )


                                      Figure 1-Winner2005A laser particle size analyzer

Ⅱ test analysis view
After testing, if necessary, to select records generated an average result, the system analyzes the formation of the recording. When the automatic mode test, without data processing, forming and maintaining a comprehensive system automatically analyzed test records.
                                                                                 Figure 2- Measuring interface
Adopt Patents Technology:
1)Optical bench design is protected by patent No.- ZL 2014 2 0378380.8, 
2)Three dimensional-optical bench alignment system is protected by patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0835882.4.
3)MIE scattering principle application patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0812021.4.
4)Dual laser beam orthogonal application is protected by patent No.-ZL 2007 2 0025702.0
5)Wet circulation installation is protected by patent No.-ZL2010 2 0593526.2 
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