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  • Products Name: Winner219 Full automatic microscope Image particle shape analyzer
  • Products Number: Winner219
  • Add Time: 2016-12-29
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      Winner219 full automatic particle image analyzer, mainly used to measure particle shape by microscope, also offer particle size distribution data for analysis  which support dynamic and static two models for test particle size distribution and Morphology in 1--5000μm.


Main Specifications:



Winner 219



Measuring range

1μm-5000 μm


Optical Components


Objective lens

Korea 4X,10X,40X,100X(Olympus is optional)

Eyepiece lens

1X10X Wide field camera eyepiece 

Field Lens

Anti-distortion field lens reduce edge distortion and increase the depth of field edge

Magnification range


Optic lighting

LED illuminator


Motion assembly

Mobile Platforms

Electric drive with hoare Magnetic sensors,

route is 6*6cm


Electric drive,Route:5cm


High-precision stepping motor, precision is up to 1 micron

Driver Module

RS232, USB control

 Image Setting

Image components

1/1.8 inch progress scan CMOS



Frame rate

6 fps@2048*1536/10fps@1600*1200/15fps@1280*1024/30fps@640*480


Internal System


AMD low power



Hard disk


Operation system



Computer control











Main Features:


1) Particle morphology analysis:


Offer Sphericity, circularity, roundness, aspect ratio, sphericity and other particle morphology prepositional parameters,and also add self-developed software for for particle circularity (roundness) computation module. the analysis of the particle circularity in line with US oil and gas standards: API_RP58. And geological plates suitable for this abrasive, oil and gas and other industry standards.


2) Dynamic, static dual-mode test:

Static mode, you can get the best observation results, clearly see the status of the sample surface etc.

Dynamic mode, the particles keep fast going through the sample window to collect large numbers of sample data, which solve the problem of image analyzer low representation. If add self-cleaning accessories of sample window and the online version of the software, Simple line detection could be achieved also.


3) Full automatic control system:

High-precision three-axis control mechanism could automatically control platform movement and focus adjustment.

 Humanize software setting: Customize route, the acquisition of memory multi-point, auto-focus, memory-focus and other functions.


4) Built-in host system

Foxconn microcomputer, independent operating environment to avoid conflict and easy to maintain 


Software Function:
  • Image management system: Manage data according to task, ensure good management.
  • Video collection: capture video and pictures anytime, reserve required video data
  • Measure: Length, circumference, polygons, and angle etc. other measuring operation
  • Image Stitching Mode
  • Image batch mode: it could capture and handle photos at same time without the memory restrictions, to obtain more accurate data by processing massive picture.
  • Particles automatic processing tool set: automatic elimination of particle adhesion,noise and boundaries incomplete particles, automatically fill the hollow area with particles, automatic smooth grain boundaries etc.12 automatic processing tool.
  • Static processing mode:Processing static sample
  • Dynamic processing mode: Select this mode for dynamic flow of sample handling.
  • Platform free movement mode: freely control platform movement by button
  • Platform programming motion mode:preset movement track, generally applicable to spot scanning or serpentine scan specific mode.
  • Platform Memory Mode:you could set 10 memory points,freely return to the memory point.
  • Auto-focus: Software can automatically select the appropriate focus according to the clarity of the focal plane.
  • Memory Focus: if observed the sample at the same height, It could remember the last focus position.(for example always observe static slides)
Output parameters:
  1. Single particle data: area equivalent diameter, perimeter equivalent diameter, Martin diameter, perimeter, projected area, the particle length, grain width, surface area estimates, the volume estimates, X tangent, Y tangent, cutting diameter, ball type of aspect ratio.
  2. Statistical average diameter: Xnl, Xns, Xnv, Xls, Xlv, Xsv other commonly used statistical average diameter
  3. Particle size distribution: particle size distribution chart
  4. Sphericity distribution: Particle size distribution of spherical chart
  5. Aspect ratio distribution: Chart particle aspect ratio distribution.
  6. Circularity distribution: particle circularity (roundness) distribution chart
  7. Distribution Type: Press the number distribution, distribution by volume, according to the area of distribution, distribution by length
  8. The equivalent diameter types: area equivalent diameter, perimeter, equivalent diameter, Martin diameter, needle-shaped particles equivalent diamete
  9. The number of statistics: If the sample tested positive for particles of the sample, obtained the number of particles in the sample
  10. customized LOGO and testers and other report information.
  11. The original image / thumbnail: save the picture with measuring data information, easy to publish papers.
Optional accessories:
1, Dynamic test components: Install the dynamic test component after removing the motion platform, with circulation water tube, forming a simple dynamic particle image analysis system to achieve dynamic testing of the samples.
2, Self-cleaning sample window
3, Online software system: generate automatic periodic distribution chart and set excessive alarm.



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