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basic attributes

Extended Attributes

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  • Products Name: Winner3008B Dry Dispersion Laser Particle Size Analyzer
  • Products Number: Winner3008B
  • Add Time: 2016-12-29
  • Views : 15393

     Winner3008B intelligent dry laser particle size analyzer, manual and full automatic operation modes freely choose, MIE scattering principle as basic, Converging light Fourier transform light path, Highly stable He-Ne laser and High sensitive ring photoelectric detector,guarantee good repeatability and accuracy.
It use air as dispersion medium, and use turbulent dispersion principle with High precision feeding device, patent powder spray pump and oil-free silent gas source guaranteeing the samples to be fully dispersed. It’s fit for any dry powder materials, especially the powder that takes chemical reaction with water or changes its shape in liquid. Compared to the wet laser particle size analyzer, It’s with the same accuracy and repeatability.

2.Main Specifications:




ISO 13320-1:1999;GB/T19077.1-2308;Q/0100JWN001-2013

Measuring Range


Channels Number

80 PCS

Accuracy error

<1%   (Deviation of  D50 on national standard sample)

Repeatability error

<1%   (Deviation of  D50 on national standard sample )

Light source

He-Ne laser (λ= 632.8nm,  P>2.0MW)


Dry-turbulence dispersion mode, normal shock wave shear technique

Operation Mode

Manual & Intelligent operation, freely choose


Automatic vibration feeding

Optical Calibration System


Software function

Analysis mode

Free Distribution, R-R Distribution, Logarithm Normal Distribution, Mesh number classification etc.

Statistic Method

Volume Distribution, Quantity Distribution


Statistic Comparison

Several Testing Results of samples

Different batches of samples testing result,

Samples before and after processing,

Test result of samples in different time.


User-defined Analysis

Figure out percentage according to the particle size

Figure out particle size according to the percentage

Figure out percentage according to the particle size range

Meet demands of representation of particle test in different industries

Test Report

Word, Excel,Photo( Bmp), Text etc

Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

Intelligent operation

Better Repeatability after remove human-factor

Test Speed

<1min for each time, fastest test time <10S

Power supply


Outer dimension


Net Weight



3.Main Features:
1) Advanced testing optical path.
Converging light Fourier transform light patented technology, make scattering light not be restricted to lens aperture. Use main detector and large angle auxiliary detector efficiently collect all angles of scattering light in the testing range, ensure good testing accuracy and reliability in the whole range.
2)Scientific dispersion system
Turbulence dispersion patented technology and Normal shock shearing effect, make particles sufficient dispersion, Adopt wearable ceramics improve dispersion system’s working life.
3)Human-based operation mode
Manual and Full automatic, easy choose. 
4)High precision-automatic optical path calibration system
It’s composed of precise four phase hybrid stepper motor, Its inching precision is reach to micron level, so light path is always in a good state.
5)Intelligent data analysis-winner unique software support
Analysis software collect large quantity of particle information in high speed, and inverse particle distribution by unconstrained free fitting technology, then intelligent statistics and analysis of testing data, ensure accuracy and repeatability of the output. 
6)The results not only show particle distribution,the cumulative value curve and typical particle sizes( D10, D50, D90.), but also support user-defined analyze result, such as any features particle diameter from D0 to D100,Cumulative percent(bigger than or less than a certain particle diameter).
7)Users can design the test report output and display forms according to industry requirements.

4. Application:
Winner3008B laser particle size analyzer is widely used for cement, ceramic, medicine, dope, dye, padding, chemical products, catalyst, braize, dust, additive, pesticide, explosive, graphite, photosensitive material, fuel, metal and nonmetal powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin and other powder materials. 
It has unique applicability and practicability, especially for those occurs chemical reactions, change shapes and loss in liquid, such as Chinese herbal medicine, magnetic materials and powder industry with wide distribution and large particle size.

5. Adopt patent technology:
  • Optical bench design is protected by patent No.- ZL 2014 2 0378380.8, 
  • Optical bench alignment system is protected by patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0835882.4.
  • Mie scattering principle application patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0812021.4.
  • Dry particle size analyzer full sealed sample cuvette application is protected by patent No.- ZL.2011 2 0267646.8.
  • Dual laser beam orthogonal application is protected by patent No.-ZL 2007 2 0025702.0
  • Powder dispersion pump design application is protected by patent No.-ZL 2007 2 0018648.7

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