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  • Products Name: Winner319C Spray Particle Size Analyzer
  • Products Number: Winner319C
  • Add Time: 2009-10-11
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Droplet particle size analyzer is our famous product with the most advanced technology in China, It's with same excellent performance to the world famous brands,  90%  of China Government Inspection Institution, Universities choose it as LAB use.

Winner319C is a specially designed and developed bench-top spray laser particle size analyzer for droplet size test. This instrument adopts Laser diffraction principle and parallel light path design with high-performance and high-power laser, lifetime>25000hours, which can meet the requirements of droplet test. And the test range can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirement, mainly apply to fire contro, forest spray, pesticide, medicine nebulizer,aircraft engine,spray prilling,Nozzle research, and any aerosol etc., Therefore especially suits the laboratories of enterprises of enterprises, colleges and research institutes use.

Winner319C can be applied to Fire control,forest,pesticide spray test, Medicine nebulizer droplet test, aircraft engine,spray prilling, Nozzle research,any aerosol and other droplet particle size distribution test. Therefore especially suits the laboratories of enterprises, colleges and universities and research institutes to use.
Schematic Diagram of the Instrument:
 Production Features and Advantages:
1, Exclusive patent technology
It adopts representative Parallel optical testing technology and Spectrum amplification technique and realizes the wide range expansion in limited space. Besides, it adds several Auxiliary integration photoelectric detector, which can effectively collect scattering light from every angle in the testing range, realizing the testing accuracy and reliability in the whole range.
2, Unique Airflow Protection Device
It has airflow protection device, which can effectively protect the lens and avoid droplet pollution to lens in testing process.
3, Split-Type Structure Design
Split-Type structure and adjustable test area can meet the needs of the spray test in any conditions and It has many specialties, such as non-contact measurements, non-interfering etc.
4,Stable automatic optical path alignment system
Remove adjusted difficulty caused by the light path movement, the light path alignment system can be corrected by a key 
5,Multiple particle size distribution model
Free choice standard model, RR distribution and Lognormal distribution. Can convert the volume distribution and individual number distribution freely.
6, Highly sensitive probes ensure high resolution, instrument can detect the particles's singlas in the real time, uniqe and multiple angle arrangemet ensure small particle's test.
Technical Parameters:



Executive Standard

ISO13320-1:1999, GB/T19077.1-2008, Q/0100JWN001-2013


Laser diffraction principle/MIE Theory

Instrument Structure


Testing Range

 (0.1μm) 1μm-2000μm

Number of Channels

 80 PCS

Data Acquisition Rate

>3K Hz

Accuracy error

Better than 1% (Reference to National CRM D50)

Repeatability error

Better than 1% (Reference to National CRM D50)

Reproducibility error

Better than 1% (Reference to National CRM D50)



LD Pump Laser;λ=532nm, p>40mw, life time>25000 hour


Laser safety

Class 1

Sampling  Mode

Open Style

Working temperature


Environment humidity



Windows 7 32 Bits/64 Bits, Windows 8 (64 bits), Windows 10 (64 bits)

Output parameters

Particle volume distribution curve, D10-D100 any parameters

Testing Area Length


Lens Protection

Double gas episodic


SOP operation

Power supply

220V, 50HZ    Total power 205W(Main host :25W, Accessories:180W)

Outer Dimension

Launch port: L369*W295*H360mm  Receive port:L858*W295*H360mm




Instrument Test operation interface:
ⅠTest View:
    After the background test, click on Energy spectrum test” in "test view". And the system will display "test view". Observe the Spectral curve and concentration, After the test result becomes stable, click the “save the results”. The System will automatically save the test result at the preset time intervals
 Energy Spectrum Test View
Ⅱ Test Report and Its Description:
Ⅱ Test Report and Description:
Vx : Particle diameter, < X particle volume summation percent of total particle’s volume  
Nx : Particle diameter, < X particle number summation percent of total numbers of particles 
VAD: The volume weighted average particle size.
SMD: Surface area weighted average particle size.
NAD: The number of weighted average particle size.
R.S:  Sample dispersion index, characterization of particle size distribution width. Smaller value, higher concentrated distribution.
N/V: N50/V50, Characterization of particle size distribution width. Values closer to 1, the distribution is more centralized.
Size / quantity distribution: Different statistical analysis  
Patent Technology:
1)Pressurized aerosol protection device for spray particle size analyzer is protected by patent No. ZL 2011 2 0267651.9
2)Spray particle size analyzer with auxiliary probe construction is protected by patent No. ZL 2011 2 0267648.7 
3)Split spray laser particle size analyzer is protected by patent No. ZL 2011 2 0267654.2
4)Optical bench design is protected by patent No.- ZL 2014 2 0378380.8, 
5)3 dimensional-optical bench alignment system is protected by patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0835882.4.
6)Mie scattering principle application patent No.- ZL 2013 2 0812021.4.
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