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Coal Water Slurry Control of Particle Size Distribution

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Number of visits: Date:2014-04-01

 CWS (Coal Water Slurry ) as a clean fuel instead of oil having fluidity, with a high concentration of fine particle size, good mobility, the combustion rate and so on. It has been widely used in industrial boilers and industrial furnaces. CWS particle size distribution related to the viscosity of the CWS, but also a direct impact on water coal slurry rheology, stability and spray combustion characteristics.



 The particle size distribution of coal-water slurry determine the coal deposition efficiency, and have major influence on maximum concentration and CWS rheological properties . Different coal and additive shall be composed of different sizes. Master CWS particle size distribution is the key of technologies CWS. CWS particle size distribution is wide, the upper limit is up to 500 microns, the lower limit is thinner than micron.

 After the dispersant is adsorbed to the surface of coal particles,  the thin layer formed on the surface of coal particles and the additive molecules hydrated film can significantly reduce the surface tension of the solution to improve the wettability of the surface of coal particles. CWS stabilizer effect is to form spatial structure of particles precipitate mechanical resistance, it makes CWS particles cross-linked with each other, so as to effectively prevent the particles to settle and prevent separation between the solid and liquid. The coal particle size requires not only achieve the required fineness, also it requires a good particle size distribution. So that coal particles of different sizes can be filled with each other to minimize the gap between the coal particles to achieve high deposition efficiency.

     Laser particle size analyzer as a new type of particle size testing equipment, has been widely used in powder processing and other applications. Characterized by a test speed, good repeatability and good accuracy, easy to operate. The instrument is a laser scattering allows the physical phenomenon based on particle size distribution test, the laser has extreme monochromaticity and good directional property, so there is no obstruction in the infinite space of the laser irradiation will be to infinity place, and  there is little divergence phenomenon in the communication process.


    According to Coal Water Slurry requirement, WINNER2008 laser particle size analyzer is a good choice, which is with a dual beam multi-spectral detection systems and side light scatter test technology to significantly improve the accuracy of the instrument and performance, on behalf of the domestic advanced level in this field. Since the instrument produced, It win good feedback from various of customers.  



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