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How to use laser particle size analyzer to control glass materials particle size distribution?

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Date:2016-11-15
How to use laser particle size analyzer to control glass materials particle size distribution?
Glass industry trends
The glass industry control of the raw material is divided into three aspects: one is the composition of the control; two is batch control; three is the control of particle size, including maximum particle control ,control of ultrafine powder, and control for a variety of different particle ratio. With the continuous development of science and technology progress, the industry has become more and more profound understanding of the impact of raw materials on the quality of glass,and particle size control has been widely accepted by the customers.
Effect of particle size of glass raw materials on production
The particle size control of the raw material includes three aspects: first, the upper limit of the particle size, the big particle is larger than the maximum size of particle, The existence of big particles will have a bad effect on the melting quality. Two is the lower limit of the particle size, which allows the size of the fine particles in the powder, less than the size of the lower limit is often referred to as fine powder. Three is the particle size grade, which refers to the proportion of particles of different sizes in the powder. In addition there is a gap between many fine powder particles, mixed with a lot of air, occupy a certain space, the air space will form a heat insulating layer, reducing the thermal conductivity of the mixture, so as to improve the melting difficulty, produce effect of large particles. At the same time, the existence of the air voids also reduces the wettability of the glass melt, which is easy to lead to micro bubbles in the product. Second, in the case of large water, the powder is easy to form an egg powder group, which is sometimes in the mixing machine can not open, forming a "egg" resulting in uneven mixing. Even if the water is low, it will affect the uniformity of the mixture as a result of the presence of too much fine powder. In addition, the fine powder contains more heavy refractory minerals, which is easy to bring more impurities and melting defects.
For particle size distribution measurement of glass raw materials, we produce winner2308 full automatic laser particle size analyzer, which is dry &wet 2 sampling dispersion system, successfully solve the technical problem of the integration of the dry and wet,  achieve a key switch on 2 dispersion system,which is using the patented technology of turbulent dispersion, double laser, making use of  the shear effect of the shock wave, the particle sample can achieve sufficient dispersion, which ensures the high accuracy of the test.  

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