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Laser Particle Size Analyzer Application In Flame Retardant

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Date:2015-09-03
Development trend of flame retardant
Nowadays, with the increasing application of polymer materials, The flame retardant properties of the material are also put forward higher and higher requirements.. Due to the halogen containing flame retardants on the social environment and our life brings a lot of negative effects, in all walks of life, the amount of flame retardant has been mainly turned to halogen free system. Low smoke, low toxicity, non polluting halogen free high efficiency flame retardant has become an inevitable trend towards the development of environmental protection flame retardant. The application of new technology of halogen-free and environmentally friendly flame retardant and flame retardant technology has become more sophisticated, such as nano type flame retardant, intumescent flame retardant, flame retardant aluminum hydroxide and superfine magnesium hydroxide flame retardant.
ATH Flame retardant
Aluminum hydroxide (ATH) is a kind of environmental security and safety of using nontoxic and harmless inorganic flame retardant, flame retardant and its consumption in all ranked first. As the inorganic flame retardant, flame retardant aluminium hydroxide used in domestic industry due to the lack of fine chemical species, resulting in poor product quality, low tech, only suitable for building traffic high technical requirements, application in electronic industry, aerospace and other high-tech fields high requirements for flame retardant performance in less.
At present, the quality of domestic aluminum hydroxide flame retardant manufacturers uneven, the difference lies in the influence on mechanical properties of the materials, the reason and effect of physical mechanical properties of materials is the most fundamental of aluminum hydroxide particle size and particle size distribution, grain size is fine, the material tensile strength and tear strength better, the size of the particle size of aluminum hydroxide the direct effect of flame retardant properties of flame retardant.
With the decrease of the particle size of aluminum hydroxide, the oxygen index increased rapidly, when the average particle size of aluminum hydroxide is 5 m, the oxygen index is 28%, if the average particle size of less than 1 m, the oxygen index reached 33%, the oxygen index is above 26 when the flame retardant materials, in order to use the performance and processing performance, improve the polymer. And the final product, should also pay attention to the gradation and control particle shape, the filling amount under the maximum size as small as possible.
Flame retardant magnesium hydroxide
Magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide (ATH) compared with higher thermal stability (decomposition temperature is about 340 DEG to 100 DEG C higher than ATH), can be used for many engineering plastics; heat absorption ATH higher than about 17%; the smoke suppression is better than that of ATH; the hardness is lower than ATH; to prolong the service life of flame retardant polymers. But because the ordinary magnesium hydroxide particles, between particles aggregated and strong, so that it has poor compatibility with polymer materials, flame retardant plastics cannot be used directly.
In recent years, with the deepening of the research of nano materials, in order to prepare a good flame retardant magnesium hydroxide, better flame retardant effect of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant particles must be superfine and surface treatment. The characteristics of the size and the distribution parameters and grain magnesium hydroxide fine particles are closely related, but also the production of flame retardant magnesium hydroxide was prepared and applied in a very important index. The analysis of particle size by laser particle size analyzer is fast, accurate, convenient, reliable and reproducible, so it can be widely used.

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