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Laser Particle Size Analyzer Application In Zirconia Industry

Writer:Jinan WinnerSource:Jinan Winner Date:2016-05-04
 Zirconium oxide and its industry development
Zirconia (ZrO) zirconium oxide mineral raw materials in nature, mainly in baddeleyite and zircon. Zircon is igneous rock deep mineral, color yellow, brown, yellow and green, the proportion of 4.6 - 4.7, hardness 7.5, has a strong metallic luster, can be used as raw material of ceramic glaze.
Zirconia is a non-metallic material of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and good conductive properties of inorganic, 20 century 20 early 90s that is applied to the field of refractory materials, until the last century 70 since the mid of 1990s, Europe and the developed countries have put out the research and development of production of zirconia. Technology and production of zirconia series products, will be further extended to the application of zirconia structural materials and functional materials, one of the new high performance materials and zirconia is the national industrial policy to encourage the development of focus, is now widely used in various industries.
The main use of zirconium oxide
1 zirconia: mainly used for piezoelectric ceramic products, ceramics for daily use, refractory materials and precious metals smelting with zirconium brick, zirconium tube, crucible, etc.. Also used in the production of steel and non-ferrous metals, optical glass and two zirconia fiber. Can be used as high temperature heat insulation material. 
2 zirconia fiber: in the aerospace, defense industry, atomic energy and other fields, for ultra high temperature insulation and ceramic matrix composite materials; in ceramic sintering, metal smelting, high temperature decomposition, semiconductor manufacturing, melting quartz and other fields, to produce high above 1500 DEG C high temperature above the ultra high temperature and ultra high temperature industrial furnace experimental electric furnace and other ultra high temperature heating device; inert filler can be used as high-temperature filter material and high temperature catalyst and used in plastics, rubber, latex etc.. 3 used for plastic, rubber, latex and other inert fillers, extenders. Suitable for rubber hose, adhesive tape, molded products, extrusion products, shoes, etc.. Also used as filler epoxy adhesives and sealants. Is also a common raw material for the manufacture of ceramics, enamel and glassware. 4 used in the manufacture of functional ceramics and structural ceramics, or as grinding materials. 5 because of its high refractive index, high melting point, strong corrosion resistance, it is used in ceramic raw materials. Piezoelectric ceramic products, filter, speaker, ultrasonic underwater acoustic detector, etc.. There are daily-use ceramics (industrial ceramic glaze), refractory materials, precious metal smelting with zirconium and zirconium tube brick. Also used in steel, non-ferrous metals, optical glass, two zirconia fiber, cosmetics, as a pigment.
The importance of zirconia particle size control
Particle size measurement is an experimental work which is characterized by the specific instrument and method to characterize the particle size. Powder is widely used in our daily life and industrial and agricultural production. In different application fields, the requirement for the characteristics of the powder is different, and the size distribution is one of the most popular indexes in all applications. So it is a very important task to objectively reflect the size distribution of the powder.
Particle size measurement of zirconia powder is very important, and it is not only a very important part in product preparation and application. For example: zirconia is the production of polyester will acetaldehyde to ethanol oxidation catalyst. The size of zirconia is an important indicator of the activity of the catalyst. The size of zirconia catalyst has great influence on its catalytic performance. So it is very important to understand and control the size distribution of zirconia particle size distribution.
The current industry in laser particle size determination method of powder particle in instrument method is fast and convenient and accurate.

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